Occupational Training Courses

Over the last five years we have provided —with the endorsement of the Secretaria de Migracions i Ciudadania of the Catalan Government’s Departament de Benestar Social—t raining for women at risk of social exclusion in areas such as geriatric care assistant, cleaning of apartments, social-health care, kitchen assistance and basic sewing.

Through these courses we have trained groups of women seeking to increase professionalism in their work, but most importantly, we have made them aware of the importance of personal interaction in their jobs. This enables them to stand out from other workers, and will show them how to incorporate the human touch that characterises Mujeres Pa'lante.

In addition to these courses, we include 65 hours of basic Catalan and Castellan language (if needed), training in immigration legislation and labour rights, as well as job search advice, how to secure an interview, and other useful topics.


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