Mujeres Palante

The Mujeres Pa’lante (Women Forward) project is a support group for women that provides assistance and advice in the following areas:

  • How to arrange your immigration and residency documents
  • Finding strength in difficult circumstances
  • Ideas and tools to obtain work and achieve greater labour independence
  • How to continue with your education

 You are very welcome to join our network of solidarity: exchange of experiences, ideas and projects that allow us to overcome some of our greatest challenges together, as a collective.

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Agenda Mujeres Pa'lante


Taller de yoga inicial todos los jueves de 16:00 17:00. Desde el 12 de abril.

Manifestación 8 de marzo. Barcelona

Cartel con motivo de la manifestación del 8 de marzo, día de la mujer trabajadora, convocada por Mujeres Pa`lante. Recorrido Barcelona

flyer dia de la mujer trabajadora

Flyer del 8 de marzo 2018